Boneham and Turner

Boneham and Turner Leverages FactoryIQ for Augmented Operational Performance and Production Transparency: A Case Study

The Challenge

Boneham and Turner were facing a challenging dichotomy. They needed a production scheduling software capable of handling complex tasks and algorithms yet simple and intuitive enough to be easily used by the entire production team. The leadership was on the lookout for a solution that would enhance transparency of their production process, thereby empowering them with actionable data.

1st February 2024

The Solution

FactoryIQ was chosen to provide a solution to meet their requisite needs based on its reputation for delivering excellent knowledge support and software features.

FactoryIQ worked closely with Stacy Denton-Beaumont, Operational Lead at Boneham and Turner, over 18 months to understand the specific business needs, the complexities involved, and accordingly developed the production scheduling software specific for Boneham and Turner.

The front-end of FactoryIQ's solution is designed to be user-friendly and simple, making it easier for all production colleagues to buy in and use the system efficiently without getting tangled in complex algorithms. Meanwhile, on the back end, FactoryIQ is power-packed with complex algorithms that users need not worry about but provide critical data for operations.

The Results

FactoryIQ's solution gave Boneham and Turner instant transparency into their production process. The system delivered great data, providing a clear and complete view of production flow, allowing the company to make informed decisions and adjust production schedules as needed.

In the words of Peter Boneham, the Managing Director, "It’s a great system you guys have built, and we are seeing immediate benefits. Keeping the interface simple but working with all the important data, has really helped us get 100% buy-in from all our production colleagues."

Looking Ahead

FactoryIQ's collaboration with Boneham and Turner does not stop here. Stacy Denton-Beaumont eagerly anticipates working with FactoryIQ for years to come as their business grows and develops. She didn't hesitate to recommend FactoryIQ as a chosen business partner, validating the positive, transformative impact FactoryIQ had on their manufacturing operations.

Would you like to learn how FactoryIQ can significantly improve your operational performance and production transparency? Talk to us today. You, too, can experience the same growth and success that Boneham and Turner achieved with FactoryIQ.